In January we spent three nights in Amsterdam, to celebrate Dimitris turning another year older. It was freezing cold and a dense grey mist hung over the canals making for a spectacularly eerie scene, but chilling us to the bone and making us rush from museum to cafe to reheat with copious amounts of tea. The Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum were particular, if obvious, highlights, as were our thoroughly researched restaurant choices - Moeders and Baut

Baut was a 'long term pop up' which closed on 31st March, but has now reopened in a different location under 'Baut Zuid.' I would thoroughly recommend it if you're going to be in Amsterdam soon, as it was probably the most exciting restaurant experience I've had. We opted for the surprise menu, with the staff being extremely helpful  and reassuring in catering to my nut allergy, and were brought four different dishes, details of most of which I've unhelpfully forgotten, thanks to all the wine (hey, I was on holiday). My favourite, though, had to be the fillet steak topped with foie gras... Totally decadent, and totally delicious.

Despite the cold weather, it was actually really nice to get away in January. It definitely brightened an otherwise long, cold, miserable month, and it was nice to explore Amsterdam in a much calmer, more cultured way than I did as a hedonistic 18 year old amidst a month's worth of shoe string travel with my best friend... although I reckon both variations are necessary!