Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Design First Wedding Dress

Despite having worked in a few weddingy establishments - wedding waitressing and selling engagement rings - I'm not particularly wedding-obsessed, and tend not to be one to ooh and aah over all things bridal. If I am ever to get married myself, I'm certain of a few things: there will be steak on the menu, my dress will be comfortable, there will be a significant lack of flowers because the damn things make me sneeze and all pomp and circumstance will be at an absolute bare minimum.

Wedding unwillingness aside, when I saw that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had designed their very first wedding dress for their close friend, stylist Molly Fishkin, I had to see it. And it's a beautiful dress. It's not me - I think I'd want something a little more simple -  but it is beautiful. I love the fluted sleeves and I'm absolutely crazy for the drama of the veil, but mostly I'm in love with these pictures.  It looks like an incredibly beautiful setting for a wedding, and as a total "Olsen Obsessive", I love seeing MKA at work in this kind of personal setting, not to mention ogling what their wearing. Ashley's jewellery situation has got me drooling, and I'm really into these low little buns they're both sporting.

Plus, it's got me excited to see if The Row will now branch into a bridal collection, or just do bespoke pieces for their nearest and dearest, and I imagine, those willing to pay. Perhaps in a few years time they'll have knocked Vera Wang off her bridal gown top spot, who knows. They've already proven time and time again in their collections that they can get simple, chic elegance to a flawless standard, and this dress seems to push that elegance in a more dramatic, intricate and romantic direction. So perhaps a bridal collection from The Row would appeal to an even wider consumer group than their core collections do. Maybe you wouldn't consider yourself a The Row kind of girl, but maybe you could be a The Row kind of bride?

Anyway, enjoy the pictures, from Vogue.com, and let me know what you think of the dress. Do you have a dream wedding dress in mind? Or is this a topic that you give absolutely no thought to whatsoever?

 photo tumblr_n8xnt2APsb1sxknbno1_400_zps6100cd80.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-04_165147444277_zps02ed32c3.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-14_165157969086_zps1babc988.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-08_165152496179_zps657d2802.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-09_165153841098_zpsf56f050c.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-18_165201135469_zps96962fc6.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-11_165155423866_zps83c7f652.jpg

Seriously, look at that ring!

Read all about the wedding on Vogue.com - it sounds even more beautiful than it looks - and see all the other pictures that I decided not to pinch.


Kim Kardashian Style Inspiration. Yes really.

I have a Konfession to make.

I am a Kim Kardashian fan. 

Now I'm not saying that I consider her to be an excellent role model or that I find her so inspiring that she has forever altered the way I approach life. I certainly don't admire her for her humanitarianism or her intellect. 

However, I do think she deserves some merit for managing to wrangle the not-so-favourable notoriety of a leaked sex tape into a hugely successful, multi-million dollar business empire. That at least shows some savvy. 

She's also extremely adept at practicing the kind of self-admiration and adoration that I think more girls and women should partake in. It might be vanity, but I think it's a helluva lot better than constantly picking at your flaws and wishing you were thinner. When it comes to bodies, Kim's is a million miles away from the nigh on emaciated frames teetering around the entertainment industry and yet she hasn't bowed to the pressure to live on kale smoothies and morph into a stick insect, which I think is commendable. She may not be a perfect role model, but as someone with a different look from the "norm," as dictated by celebrity culture, and who chooses not only to not apologise for it but to celebrate it in the form of scantily clad selfies, she provides another option. Kim Kardashian's dramatic curves say that it's okay not to be Rosie Huntington-Whitely or Cara Delevingne or any other thin and leggy starlet, and as a fat-arsed girl myself, I'm grateful for that. 

But enough about Kim Kardashian's ass.

Never in a million years did I think I would be drawing style inspiration from Kimmy K, but here I am. She's just been getting it so right lately and looking totes gorgina that I can't help myself. She just looks incredible. And I'm loving it. Pencil skirts are go.


K dolls. That's enough Kardashian for one blog I think. Bible. 

P.S. Those of you that are sticklers for formatting - sorry, this is a mobile post! I'm getting the hang of it... sort of.

P.P.S Pictures taken from the bazillions on tumblr.


Summer Soundtracking

Sunshine makes things sound better.

It's a fact.

This is what I've been listening to lately, imagining I'm off somewhere else instead of traipsing past tourists on the Royal Mile on my walk to work.

You're on a beach, sweating out last night's sins. Toes in the warm sand, hot sun on your face and the gentlest of salty breezes taking the edge off the blistering heat as the beautiful Banks' soft-yet-sultry vocals trickle through your headphones. It's the perfect track for relaxing under the sun as your hangover slowly recedes. Could even be time for a nice cold beer now...

One of those nights when you've ended up somewhere you've never been before, wearing a weird outfit because you've been out in beer gardens all day, and you really didn't think you'd end up going out tonight. Then something like this comes on and it feels like everything's just clicked into place.

Plus, I love elephants.

I couldn't wrap my head around this first time around. But I'm now obsessed. I want to play this on a balcony after coming home from a big night. Someone's handed you a warm beer or some hideous concoction of whatever was left from earlier, and you really don't want it but you really don't want to go to bed yet. The piano bit towards the end is just perfect!

I know that this song is old, and to be fair even this remix isn't completely fresh, but I'm still every bit obsessed with this song as I was when I first heard it. I've been loving this little tropical revamp for a while, but now that summer has finally kicked off it's feeling even more apt. If I had somewhere to barbecue, this would be my soundtrack.

After a day at the beach, you head into one of those sundowner beach bars, just for a quick drink before you go back to get ready for dinner. But then you realise it's happy hour on mojitos, people have started dancing and the sun is dipping down over the sea in the most beautiful way that you couldn't possibly leave. They start playing music like this and all of a sudden dinner has turned into a dodgy looking soggy burger at midnight before the next party, you're still wearing your bikini and toting around suncream and a beach read, but you're on holiday. So what does it matter.

I first started listening to The Weeknd, walking home alone from bars through the streets of Cologne on moody, muggy May nights.  It's nowhere near The Morning but I still love it, and it still takes me back to the end of my time in Germany, in the streets between Zülipicherstraße and Rudolfplatz. This is also brilliant, but he's no B.

Sarah, she of the always on point music taste, alerted me to this piece of brilliance when she shared this mix (which is awesome, by the way). Eventually, we found the original. Just in time to be played relentlessly when we jet off to Ibiza next week... ! :)

What are you listening to right now?


What I Know About Running

 photo running2_zps33609048.jpg

You will think all those poncey runners spending hundreds of pounds on trainers are ridiculous. You will spend as little as possible. You will regret this when a mere month later you've done in your ankles and can't run at all.

5k will initially seem like an insurmountable distance. You will surpass this quickly, and amaze yourself.

Running is more addictive than chocolate and cigarettes and any other vice you might be harbouring.

Every run will not be faster than the last, even though you want it to be. Sometimes your body's tired, sometimes your mind's tired. Sometimes you just suck. It doesn't matter, you're still running. Tune out the Nike lady telling you how slowly you're going every mile and just enjoy it.

 photo running1_zps9292fc22.jpg

I cannot run with other people.

You may start to eschew Zara and Topshop in favour of Nike and brightly coloured sports bras.

When you get injured, and you can't run, you'll sink into a kind of running related funk. Non-runners will think you ridiculous. Other runners will get it completely.

Forrest Gump moments do happen. Embrace them, but not too much. Beware the overtraining injury.

You will get injured. Often.

When you overtake a fellow runner in the park you'll feel a wicked sense of joy. However, when you're not running, you'll feel a weird sense of solidarity with whoever runs past you, and silently cheer them on in your head.

 photo running_zpsedc6b22a.jpg

When your old shoes are knackered and it's time for a new pair, it's bizarrely unsettling. You have to say goodbye to your trusty companions that kept you company for all those miles, and even if sometimes they gave you blisters, and you suspect they were partially responsible for that injury, you'll keep them around for as long as possible. What if the new pair aren't as comfy? What if they rub and give you a whole new set of blisters? What if they bring back the shin splints? I kept my old shoes hanging around unused in my room for about a fortnight. Just in case.

That said, taking your shiny new trainers on their virgin voyage makes you almost giddy with excitement.

People might start to worry that you're addicted. You are.

You'll have a perfect run in your head. That distance, that time. You'll get there one day.

 photo running3_zpsff17c557.jpg

Sometimes, going for a run will be the only time in the day that you have the headspace to think. Sometimes, it'll be the only time in the day where you can properly switch off and not think.

It is therapeutic. But sometimes it's a battle. When you're a mile from home and you feel like your body is broken and your mind is incoherent and fragmented in its exhaustion, it will take all your mettle to get you to your door. You might cry. But when you get home and you get into the shower you will feel like you're floating. And not just because you can't feel your legs anymore.

Running in the rain. Bliss.

On the odd occasions when you have a really good run, and you smash that PB, you'll be elated for the entire day, and you'll feel like you can do anything.

 photo running4_zpsc7a24a07.jpg

And that's why I run.