Be Nice to Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner for Dazed & Confused

It's no secret that I have a big soft spot for most things Kardashian related. Kim's latest shoot may have been polarising, causing many to jump on soap boxes and high horses and ride off into the sunset spouting angry self-righteous claptrap, to which I respond: it's just a butt, get over it, but (pun intended) you can't deny her success, fame or wealth, nor do I think you can deny the fact that she, and all her relatives, have worked very hard and strategised almost faultlessly to achieve all the aforementioned. 

Kendall Jenner may have grown up in a world where wealth, fame and success were already in abundance, but that's most definitely not her fault. You also cannot blame her for her height and stature, the endless legs and beautiful, pixie like face of perfect symmetry, which seem to be making her the perfect model, adored by designers and magazine editors alike. Of course her famous family lends her a certain intrigue, and I don't doubt that her family's industry connections have made the path a whole lot easier for her. However, I also don't doubt that she's worked hard.

Besides, the fashion world is hardly a big warm, fuzzy, inclusive place. It's notoriously critical of reality stars and celebrities trying to worm their way into the fashion world. You only need to think of the snobbish controversy sparked by Kim's Vogue cover, or the scepticism Victoria Beckham and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were met with when first launching their (now hugely appreciated) lines. If Kendall Jenner had no merit as a model, she would absolutely not be landing magazine covers here, there and everywhere and walking for Chanel. No way.

Which is why when I read Arisce Wanzer's Open Letter to Kendall Jenner , in which Kendall is criticised for basically not being from a poor family or from the Third World, I was left with a horribly bitter bad taste in my mouth. Not so much because I so desperately want to defend Kendall's work ethic or what have you, but because it just made me lose a little faith in humanity.

Wanzer's intentions were most likely to make Kendall look bad, but all she succeeds in doing is sounding like a jealous, bitter, insecure, little bitch. Kendall probably has had a much easier route to where she is than most models do, but that's not her fault. And who really gives a shit. By the sounds of it, Wanzer should be proud of her career and all that she has achieved, as she has done so without the help Kendall has no doubt received, but instead she's focussing all her energy on comparing herself with and directing bitter hatred at others. Did no one ever teach her that old adage: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?"

Of course maybe she's trying to cash in on Kendall's current golden ticket. I'd certainly never heard of her name before that letter...

Whatever her motives for writing that piece, it's just plain nasty. No matter how privileged someone is, or how disadvantaged your background is, there's no excuse to do something so horrid, distasteful and cheap as to put your cigarette out in someone's drink. Nor is it ok to assume that because someone is rich and successful that they've led and do lead a happy life, and to resent them for it. Nobody knows what's around the corner, and you certainly don't know what goes on in people's most private spheres.

Work on yourself, carry on with your own life, stop moaning, get over yourself and be nice.

It's really not that hard.



Come on, press play and come and watch the sunset with me.

 photo lagos_zpsc90a5385.jpg

Lagos, Portugal, June 2013

 photo canada1_zpsada71e25.jpg

On the road in Alberta, Canada, January 2013

 photo ibiza2_zps4dbf9bc3.jpg

From Café Mambo, San Antonio, Ibiza, July 2014

 photo 1017535_10152538425389250_7560366399548840931_n_zps63aa197f.jpg

Ibiza 2014, again.

 photo canada_zps05c03fb3.jpg

Canmore, AB, Canada, December 2012

 photo kentucky_zps2aafcce3.jpg

Lexington, Kentucky, October 2013

 photo cologne2011_zps3c7a2d33.jpg

Flying into Cologne, Germany, March 2011

 photo coylton_zps0b43e1f5.jpg

From my parents' house, Ayrshire, Summer 2012

 photo dubrovnik_zpse5fa8c16.jpg

Dubrovnik, Croatia, August 2011

 photo hvar2_zpsb206fa2c.jpg

Hvar, Croatia, August 2011

 photo glasgow_zpse501f8f8.jpg

Kelvingrove, Glasgow, June 2012

 photo hvar1_zpsad3918ec.jpg

Hvar, Croatia, June 2011

 photo hvar_zps1e409e4a.jpg

Hvar again.

 photo hamburg2011_zpsc11c2e16.jpg

Hamburg, Germany, March 2011

 photo paris2010_zps7dab133a.jpg

Paris, October 2010

 photo ibiza2011_zps1b2dff12.jpg

Ibiza, April 2011

 photo milnabrac_zpse4346976.jpg

Milna, Croatia, August 2011

 photo ibiza20111_zps4990887c.jpg

Ibiza, April 2011

I'm a sucker for a good sunset. My friend Sarah says "I can never get tired of skyporn," and I completely agree. In fact, if I were to post to instagram every single picture I take of the sky, I would bore you all to tears. Besides, it never looks as good on camera as it does in real life.

I've watched the sun set from San Antonio's sunset strip in Ibiza twice now and I think it's my favourite sunsetting experience. Not least because they've completely ritualised something that is literally an every day occurrence, albeit a beautiful one. I mean, people clap when the sun finally dips below the waters. I was in Ibiza with fellow sunset lover Sarah this summer and as we perched on the beach, mojitos in hand, we spoke about how lovely it is that the simple act of watching the sunset in San Antonio is an event in itself. Sure, for most of those visiting the island it's all about the all night parties, the big name DJs, the euphoria of dancing to your favourite music in venues that are incomparable to anything at home, but it's quite remarkable that so many people take the time out of their eat-sleep-rave-repeat schedule to do something so simple as watch the sunset. It feels like the whole island stops to breathe and appreciate things for a moment. The atmosphere is so chilled out, the music is incredible and the view is so beyond picture-perfect your little heart will feel like it's going to burst from the beauty. Even if you've got misgivings about the White Isle's hedonistic party reputation, in my opinion it's entirely worth going for the San Antonio sunset alone.

The ritualisation of watching the sunset is something I want to bring into 'real life' a little more. It's not just whilst on holiday in Ibiza that you can take pause, grab a cocktail and relax as you watch the day turn into night. Sure, the sunset in Edinburgh is probably not going to be quite as beautiful as the one in the Balearics, but it's more about taking those moments to chill out a bit and appreciate the simple beauty of it all, right? Besides, all you really need is a nice west-facing view, a glass of something cold and a decent playlist.

I may be far too pale to ever be a fully-fledged sun-seeker (hello sunburn), but sunset-seeker is a moniker that sounds right up my street.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Design First Wedding Dress

Despite having worked in a few weddingy establishments - wedding waitressing and selling engagement rings - I'm not particularly wedding-obsessed, and tend not to be one to ooh and aah over all things bridal. If I am ever to get married myself, I'm certain of a few things: there will be steak on the menu, my dress will be comfortable, there will be a significant lack of flowers because the damn things make me sneeze and all pomp and circumstance will be at an absolute bare minimum.

Wedding unwillingness aside, when I saw that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had designed their very first wedding dress for their close friend, stylist Molly Fishkin, I had to see it. And it's a beautiful dress. It's not me - I think I'd want something a little more simple -  but it is beautiful. I love the fluted sleeves and I'm absolutely crazy for the drama of the veil, but mostly I'm in love with these pictures.  It looks like an incredibly beautiful setting for a wedding, and as a total "Olsen Obsessive", I love seeing MKA at work in this kind of personal setting, not to mention ogling what their wearing. Ashley's jewellery situation has got me drooling, and I'm really into these low little buns they're both sporting.

Plus, it's got me excited to see if The Row will now branch into a bridal collection, or just do bespoke pieces for their nearest and dearest, and I imagine, those willing to pay. Perhaps in a few years time they'll have knocked Vera Wang off her bridal gown top spot, who knows. They've already proven time and time again in their collections that they can get simple, chic elegance to a flawless standard, and this dress seems to push that elegance in a more dramatic, intricate and romantic direction. So perhaps a bridal collection from The Row would appeal to an even wider consumer group than their core collections do. Maybe you wouldn't consider yourself a The Row kind of girl, but maybe you could be a The Row kind of bride?

Anyway, enjoy the pictures, from Vogue.com, and let me know what you think of the dress. Do you have a dream wedding dress in mind? Or is this a topic that you give absolutely no thought to whatsoever?

 photo tumblr_n8xnt2APsb1sxknbno1_400_zps6100cd80.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-04_165147444277_zps02ed32c3.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-14_165157969086_zps1babc988.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-08_165152496179_zps657d2802.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-09_165153841098_zpsf56f050c.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-18_165201135469_zps96962fc6.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-11_165155423866_zps83c7f652.jpg

Seriously, look at that ring!

Read all about the wedding on Vogue.com - it sounds even more beautiful than it looks - and see all the other pictures that I decided not to pinch.


Kim Kardashian Style Inspiration. Yes really.

I have a Konfession to make.

I am a Kim Kardashian fan. 

Now I'm not saying that I consider her to be an excellent role model or that I find her so inspiring that she has forever altered the way I approach life. I certainly don't admire her for her humanitarianism or her intellect. 

However, I do think she deserves some merit for managing to wrangle the not-so-favourable notoriety of a leaked sex tape into a hugely successful, multi-million dollar business empire. That at least shows some savvy. 

She's also extremely adept at practicing the kind of self-admiration and adoration that I think more girls and women should partake in. It might be vanity, but I think it's a helluva lot better than constantly picking at your flaws and wishing you were thinner. When it comes to bodies, Kim's is a million miles away from the nigh on emaciated frames teetering around the entertainment industry and yet she hasn't bowed to the pressure to live on kale smoothies and morph into a stick insect, which I think is commendable. She may not be a perfect role model, but as someone with a different look from the "norm," as dictated by celebrity culture, and who chooses not only to not apologise for it but to celebrate it in the form of scantily clad selfies, she provides another option. Kim Kardashian's dramatic curves say that it's okay not to be Rosie Huntington-Whitely or Cara Delevingne or any other thin and leggy starlet, and as a fat-arsed girl myself, I'm grateful for that. 

But enough about Kim Kardashian's ass.

Never in a million years did I think I would be drawing style inspiration from Kimmy K, but here I am. She's just been getting it so right lately and looking totes gorgina that I can't help myself. She just looks incredible. And I'm loving it. Pencil skirts are go.


K dolls. That's enough Kardashian for one blog I think. Bible. 

P.S. Those of you that are sticklers for formatting - sorry, this is a mobile post! I'm getting the hang of it... sort of.

P.P.S Pictures taken from the bazillions on tumblr.